When we met up with FilosofischeStite a while ago he told us about this friend of his; Torus. He blew our heads off at the Boiler Room x Rwina Records takeover at Rotterdam Beats last year; a set filled with 90s Eurotrance and bubbling mixed up seamlessly with beats, bass and hiphop. Get retro with Torus.
Tell us something about yourself please. Like who are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m Joeri aka Torus, and I make sad dance music and I try to piss people off in the club by playing a mix of weird and dumb music.

Describe yourself in three records.

Where do you catch your inspiration, music and art-wise?

Everywhere I’d say. I just always get inspired when things are where they don’t belong or where you wouldn’t expect them to be, this could be a sound or a song or something visual. Displacement is an important theme I guess.

What is the most inspiring place you have ever been?

Tokyo, hands down. Everything is inspiring out there, their pop culture, their architecture, the food, the people. Everyone comes through with the sickest style and legit, no-one gives a fuck about what you look like or what you’re doing. The fact that you have these umbrella stands outside of most stores where you can just take an umbrella and leave it at the next store is so amazing to me too.

You seem to have a pretty strong visual identity, who is in charge of your artwork?


What is the last song you’ve listened to?

My homie just sent this to me and I’m speechless to be honest.


What is the first record you’ve ever bought?

Busta Rhymes’ Break Ya Neck. This one is legit the first record I ever got, when I was 8 I think. So fire.

What are some of your favorite spots in (and around) Den Haag?

All the cool spots are in the same street or around the corner of my house actually:

  • Le Café is my fav joint for really good affordable French cuisine
  • Lapsang is my favorite lunchroom around here
  • Common Kin & Concrete are pretty tight in terms of shopping I guess, although I basically buy most of my shit on the web
  • Florencia is a chill spot if you wanna see bums drinking cheap coffee or get the best ice cream in town in my opinion
  • Grote Markt is a nice place to get some drinks and kick it if the sun is out
'Displacement is an important theme I guess'.
— Torus
How did you end up with Rwina?

Akka actually just sent me a message on Soundcloud like a year ago, to invite me to come play at one of his label nights. After that we just started talking about a possible release, after which I started working on Temples for like a year or so.

Torus – Temples EP

Do you have any brand or person in mind whom you really like to collaborate with?

I wanna do something with a bottled water brand or some shit like that, or maybe a outdoor performance brand. I dunno really, I just wanna work with something thats only cool to me but not related to Torus or music in general directly. Like drop a pair of mp3-player hand gloves with The North Face with my EP on it.

Okay, last question. Imagine yourself stranded on a deserted island. Name three objects you need to survive.

Free WiFi, iPhone and a personal chef.

Welcome to Los Bangeles XL presents Torus

Welcome to Los Bangeles XL presents Torus in Rotown Rotterdam!
On Saturday the 10th of January he’ll be playing a set alongside Los Bangeles Soundsystem, don’t miss out on this one.
RSVP and more info here.