Parisian thunder

A not so Bad Start for young Parisian producer Vorace. Being raised on rock music, he mastered the almighty piano and converted into digital music-making. After practising with beats for over 5 years, Vorace just released his first EP called ‘Bad Start’ over at the Belgium homies from Tangram Records. Filled up with hard-hitting bangers, analog tunes and mysterious noises, Vorace is here to stay!
Who are you, can you tell us something about yourself and where we should know you from?

I am Vorace. I make sounds from somewhere in Paris and I don’t really know where you should know me from except the freshly released Bad Start EP! And maybe from my old moniker Mad Computer.

How did you become a music producer?

Because of Mr Oizo. One day I heard his music very loud. I started making computer music the very evening.

What’s the story behind your name switch from Mad Computer to Vorace?

I thought if one day I wanted to make a piano record it would be weird to do it as ‘Mad Computer’. I want to have complete freedom without coming up with different names. Vorace is a nickname I have been rocking for drawings and it means voracious.

Tell us something about your recently released Bad Start EP – and what’s your favourite track?

I’m f***ing happy ! I thought it would be funny to call it Bad Start. I remember I was really really angry when I did ‘Escape From Fake’. It’s a real musical punching bag to me. So I’d say it’s my favourite.

How did you team up with Tangram Records?

I found out LTGL’s music a long time ago and we got in touch. He’s on Tangram and I think that’s how they first heard my music. I saw them in Paris last October when they came to do a crazy show and the EP project started to take shape. Shout out to Soundcloud!

We can sense a touch of Eprom, Oizo and Le Motel in your tracks, what other producers or artists do you see as your inspiration?

I have to talk about the greatest DJ of our era: The Gaslamp Killer. His shows are life lessons. I think he’s a musical prophet. He’s got the best energy you’ll ever witness on stage.

The Gaslamp Killer – Shot by The Real Stay Gold for Los Bangeles

Any producers or artists from France we need to keep an eye on?

There aren’t many people making non-rap beats out here. That’s a shame. Or I’m not aware of them. But there are billions of rap producers. I would say Myth Syzer is the baddest of all (bad meaning good). He can make a dusty sounding raw hip hop beat and then make the most futuristic trap beat of all time. But he is very well known by now. Be prepared for DMI LUNE, a friend of mine that has mad talent. He’s coming for yall.

Which night of thunder has always stuck in your life and why? (referring to Tonnerre)

I remember a wild thunderstorm in the french Alps. No electricity, raining cats and dogs, lightning in every corner of the valley. I felt so little. We’re nothing compared to almighty Nature.

Vorace – Tonnerre

Okay, last question. For some reason, Trump invades France and you’re heading to a deserted island. What are the three items you just can’t live without?

Some device full of music, very very big speakers at the centre of the island to play it loud. And a truck.

35 minutes into the beat-filled mind of Vorace – Welcome to Los Bangeles #25!