NOISE Magazine

Los Bangeles was present for the launch of NOISE Magazine, the new hot skate mag, made in Rotterdam. NOISE is a free publication to be picked up in any skate-shop and skatepark in the city as well as many others across the country.

You read it right: picked up. NOISE is a print magazine.

In this day and age, one’s first reaction would be to ask why. It was indeed our first question and the answer was so simple, made so much sense: because nobody else does just print these days. Of course, there is a website but, even though it may evolve, it has minimal information at the moment because the founders ‘want to put something in people’s hands, something they can flip through’. No online exclusives or how to reinvent publishing.

NOISE Magazine launch party at Sevenply skate shop in Rotterdam.

'If you're in the scene, people and companies know you so it's much easier to present a new project, because the trust is already there.'
— Ricardo Paterno

NOISE Magazine was founded by Ricardo Paterno, Maarten Warning, Thomas Wieringa and Hugo de Pagter. All four of them are skaters (which should not come as too much of surprise).

Ricardo first made a name for himself as a pro skater. He is the man behind the mag and does “all the boring stuff” according to his partners: he takes care of the money and the business aspect in general. Maarten is the editor in chief of another publication (online this time) and puts his writing skills to good use at NOISE. Hugo owns a design agency and as such, brings his eye and peculiar touch to the overall look of each issue. Last but not least, Thomas Wieringa is the photographer of the group. The other three members say he’s gifted with an incredible talent, especially considering his age: sixteen (the youngest of the four).

A short highlight reel of Ricardo Paterno on a board.


Actually, Thomas’ talent is one of two main reasons why those four decided to work together. Ricardo knew of Thomas pictures and need for an outlet. He talked to Hugo who, after seeing the said pictures, could hardly believe someone this young could already have such an eye. No small compliment coming from the owner of a design agency, right!?

At this point you might be wondering what the second reason is. Per Maarten, “skateboarding in the Netherlands is kind of going through a new phase with young up-and-comers and we want to cover that, in a substantial, journalistic way”.

Substance is also what’s to be found in Public Enemy’s beats and lyrics, sadly often described as just noise… Hint hint.

'To some people, skateboarders are just a bunch of kids destroying things and ruining the city: in their eyes we are noise, nuisance.'
— Hugo de Pagter

Indeed skateboarding is a disturbance to some people, but hugo says “that ‘clack-clack-clack’ sound of the wheels on pavement means exactly the opposite to us: it’s the sound of excitement, action and skill, which always makes us curious and interested”.

Hopefully, NOISE magazine will trigger readers’ interest and curiosity for long, long time.

In brief, the notion of noise encompasses what skaters love and what non-skaters hate (although some of us actually appreciate the discipline). It seems the name came rather naturally.


Unlike an online magazine, NOISE won’t flood its readers with daily posts or updates. Instead, each story and interview will be given special attention and the time it needs to become a deep, consistent piece. Something you’ll read and remember; something you’ll want to talk about with your friends.

In much the same way, there is not always a planned photoshoot; some pictures are taken during skate sessions when the setting is just right. Going with the flow is also what makes NOISE what it is: true and unusual.

As of now, the magazine is published twice a year (perhaps a quarterly issue can be expected in the future) so the team has the time necessary to capture the moments that will do justice to photography, journalism and skateboarding.

Check out their Facebook page for more shredding info!