NOISE Magazine

NOISE Magazine is a free print magazine for skateboard aficionados. It was founded by Ricardo Paterno, Martin Warning, Thomas Wieringa and Hugo de Pagter.

Per his three partners, Ricardo Paterno is the most talented skater of the crew and one of the best in the whole country (in fact, he won contests once grabbing € 5,000 and was sponsored by adidas). At NOISE Magazine, Ricardo takes care of marketing, sales and any other business-related activity.

Maarten Warning is the editor in chief at Lacebag Media and the writer at NOISE Magazine.

Thomas Wieringa is a young photographer 516 years old in 2014) and the whole concept of NOISE was built around his talent for capturing the moment.

Hugo de Pagter is the founder of Pony Design Club , “a design agency with an analog heart and a digital mind” and uses his skills and experience to make every issue of NOISE Magazine look the way it should.

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