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Art director and designer Mario Schellingerhout worked for brands like Nike, Adidas and Givenchy. Recently he left Rotterdam to continue his journey. Mario is currently based in Singapore as Creative Director Communications at Eight Inc. “I’m working as a designer in the broad spectrum of the current graphic landscape.” We had a quick chat to get to know him a little better and find out what he’s been doing and what drives him.

Which project are you most proud of?

Every project I worked on that was driven by trust from the client and creative freedom for the design team from start till finish. As a recent example, when I joined Givenchy in Hong Kong a couple of years ago, as lead graphic designer for their High Fashion-Sportswear niche collection G-Givenchy, the project was driven by pure creativity with no compromise from start to finish.

Favorite mixtapes of the moment?

I’m recently listening to Martyn’s Crack magazine DnB mix. — This mix took me back to my DnB years (Mieras :)) with some great memories. Also, I always enjoy Lefto’s weekly mix.

What would be your dream project?

To set up a multi-functional space for expo, food, and music. Not for the money, but for the appreciation and to inspire and celebrate this in a pure way.


Who do you admire?

I don’t admire people, I find certain persons inspiring. One of those persons is Zach Bush.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Mario, you want to make pretty images or you want to do Graphic Design?”

— Harma Staal / WDKA • 2001

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