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Los Bangeles ✋🏽 High Fives

Our very own Dagger DX balances his being between producing, DJing and organizing events on one side and teaching young kids about sustainability on the other side. Preferring offline over online, he likes to get his hands dirty playing analogue synthesizers rather than pressing a sequence of keys on a screen. He likes to act as a natural father within the Los Bangeles Soundsystem, handles our digital releases, and also seems to have a hidden passion for set-dressing. Los Bangeles High-Fives Dagger DX!

What’s the best YouTube-video you’ve seen in the last few weeks?

Jacob Collier, a musical genius, has some videos in his series #IHarmU, where he harmonizes people’s submitted melodies. The video is a recording of a live stream where you can see him working on one of them. I watched it with my brother and fellow musician Jael. It was interesting, inspiring, fun to watch and you can learn a lot from it.

The energy in this dimension would flow so much better if people would give a little bit more time and attention to have a better understanding of each other.

#IHarmU LIVE feat Chris Costa – harmonised live by Jacob Collier.

What’s on your wishlist? Can you name something you’d really really like to get your hands on?

[Dagger DX quoting Kendrick Lamar] “Peace of mind. Someone said I need a divine intervention was religion and now it’s a prize, him believing in Buddha, me believing in God. He asked me what I’m doing and telling me to take my time. Meditation is a must, it don’t hurt if you try. See, you’re thinking too much plus you’re too full of yourself. You’re worried about your career, but do you ever think of your health?” – I felt it was a good one to work on.

KUTMAH, DJ Krush, DAGGERDX (by Atsushi Harada)

Photo by Atsushi Harada

What pisses you off?

People with a lack of empathy for others and for their surroundings. In general, I believe that’s not a good thing for the world and for mankind. The energy in this dimension would flow so much better if people would give a little bit more time and attention to have a better understanding of each other. That works for all the things on all levels; from relationships to traffic, to work, to the environment, to social topics and whatnot. We could, for example, start with investing one minute of extra attention every day.

KUTMAH, DJ Krush, DAGGERDX (by Atsushi Harada)

What superpower would you like to have, and why?

To understand and speak all languages. The other day I was passing by a Chinese beauty salon and I heard a group of women laughing. It would be fun if I just randomly could throw in a joke in Chinese. Or it would come in handy if I could ask the best route to the Aurora Borealis in the Sami language and have a little conversation about how it is to live there.

What’s your scariest experience?

A few years ago I was in Bali, Indonesia. I was driving a scooter and it was already after sunset. Along the way, there were no street lights. In the dark, I could only follow the red lights from traffic in front of me. Everybody else was probably already familiar with the bad road, so they would speed away from me and I felt I was driving like 10mph. Way to go. The red lights were getting smaller and smaller and I felt like I couldn’t keep up with them anymore. Can you imagine driving a mountain road with crazy turns, giant bats, ravines, bumps in the road and all of that way beyond the point of turning back? Ok, I have to be honest. Because it was dark, I couldn’t see if it was actually like that. But in my imagination it was, and that was scary as fuck. Eventually, I made it. I wonder if it was awesome or just plain stupid.

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