New member on the team; Konstantin!


We’re growing!

After our latest addition to the team in the form of Tarona, we’re proud to announce that the man Konstantin Kirilov is also joining the family!

We had our first encounter through House of Hegira; his immense Tumblr bursting with awesome photos – anything from global conflicts and Middle Eastern art to contemporary music and video game culture!

Born and bred in Shumen, Bulgaria, Konstantin now lives, works and plays in Amsterdam. Currently a student of Journalism and Literature at the University of Amsterdam, in his spare time he tries to balance between reading, writing and attending as many parties as possible.

Needless to say, Konstantin is our main man in Amsterdam. Strapped with a camera, a notebook and a pen, always on the lookout for interesting stuff to cover!

Check out Konstantin’s House of Hegira, his bio or say hi via

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