Appelsap 2014 coming up!

Just a few nights sleep away and Appelsap Fresh Music Festival is once again taking over the Oosterpark in Amsterdam!

The line-up is packed to say the least, get ready for 45+ acts coming up this Saturday!
Too bad we can’t already clone ourselves, because it’s just not physically possible to check out every single act.

To save you guys some time and stress, we cooked up a little playlist with our favourite tracks that you’ll probably are going to hear this weekend.

If you need a little glimpse into the the past editions of Appelsap, check out the 2012 and 2013 recap on our Facebook page.
We also had a good talk with creative director Rogier de Reiger a while ago, check out the full story here.

Oh and by the way, if you’re having a problem choosing the right outfit for Saturday; check out Freshcotton for the official Appelsap gear!

That’s all for now, for more info check out Appelsap Fresh Music Festival!

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