Ba Ba Belgium

Ba Ba, Lé Lé and Di Di. You still with us? These are the tracks from Olvo’s recently released EP, infusing some African and Hawaiian vibes within his electronic beat spectrum. Olvo is a regular contributor to the Champion Sound Series, founder of Low Kick Records and he’s releasing his own tunes like crazy. Needless to say, we’ve got a lot to talk about.
Tell us something about yourself. Who are you and where do we know you from?

I’m Nicolas, I’m a musician, DJ, producer and audiovisual artist from Belgium. I create and play music under the name of Olvo (yeah Volvo was already taken).

I just released an EP called Lé Lé  and I’m going to play a live-set over at Les Ardentes Festival this summer (July 5th). And before, I also did some LPs (btw, the best of these albums will be available on vinyl soon).

Olvo at Beautes Soniques 2017

Why and how did you become a producer?

I’ve been hit by a car when I was a 14-year old and the money from the insurance allowed me to get a pair of Technics (still use them today), I never stopped since that day! Making my own music just came out naturally.

What’s your favorite piece of work you’ve created so far?

My 3 favorites tunes at the moment are: Arp 128, Ba Ba and Air Loops. But I’m planning to release some good tracks soon, stay close!

Olvo – Ba Ba

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a lot of cool things right now. Including interviews, podcasts, new songs, selecting and finalizing stuff for an EP or an LP or something to release in autumn/winter 2018, and I’m working on my live set for the summer season.

I’m also improving my piano skills, finishing my first year of study at the Conservatory of Music and working as a freelance industrial designer.

Describe your creative process, from start to finish.

I have several approaches. It’s all about moods, sampling or playing.

Usually, I start with a sample, make a loop, write around that original loop, change it, make variations, add instruments, play around. Don’t overthink and be honest.

Define a song structure and make it alive. Add soul, emotions, groove, movements… It’s like drawing or cooking.

And when I’m stuck in the creative process I use to challenge myself and try to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible; change my workplace, limit the gears used, blind sampling, imposed BPM, analyzing artist’s songs that I like, read, run, go out, etcetera.

What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?

Balancing smartly my life between art, friendships, family and money jobs. Being good at what I do and do what I like every day.

What are the best bookmarks in your browser?

Factmag, Vice and Soundcloud.

What’s the last app you’ve downloaded?

Skype lol.

What’s the last youtube video you’ve watched?

Biig Piig – Flirt

Biig Piig – Flirt

Any binge-worthy shows you can recommend?

Vice’s documentary on the origins of Trap music in Atlanta (USA) and The history of recorded music (Arte).

What’s your favorite food?


'Define a song structure and make it alive. Add soul, emotions, groove, movements… It’s like drawing or cooking.'
— Olvo
What’s good in Belgium, any spots we need to check out?

Dour Festival and Les Ardentes Festival.

Any upcoming Belgium talents we need to keep an eye on?

So many! Check out Title, Mehbian, Romanowitch, Dictam, Tusais, Mambele, Augustin Fievet, Le Motel, Freddy Bracker, Up High Collective, Cabasa, Jaune Random, Belgian based Ozferti and Kuna Maze!

Triggers / Like Water – Up High Collective

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

My age…

Are you planning to delete your Facebook soon, data privacy-wise?

Man… ok, but not my music page; I just hit 1k followers lol.

What is the best advice you ever got?

Never give up!

What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?

Laser Gun, for sure.

Imagine your house on fire, what are the three items you’re saving from the flames?

Hard drive backup, one crate with my favorite records and my Teenage OP-1 Synth, to keep making music anyway.

A 45-minute selection of Olvo’s favorite tunes, remixes and homemade beats – Welcome to Los Bangeles #27!