Gino Bud Hoiting

Drawing attention.

Equipped with just his pen and paper, Gino Bud Hoiting is making the simple look good. His work is known for its analogue approach, no-nonsense clarity and bold lines – drawing (inter)national attention from the likes of VPRO, Ace & Tate and Hermés to name a few. We visited his studio in downtown Rotterdam and talked photography, Chet Baker, and the artwork he created for our new Love Bangeles tape. We love this guy.

Where do we know you from, can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Gino Bud Hoiting. I’m an illustrator and artist, born and raised in Utrecht and now living and working in Rotterdam. My illustrations are recognizable for my analogue approach. I draw with pen on paper, making black and white line drawings.

Next to illustrating, do you have some hidden talents no one knows about?

I’m not sure I have the talent, but I really love photography. And especially analogue photography. There’s just so much fun about shooting a roll of film with a limited amount of takes. And not knowing what the outcome will be.

Some of Gino’s analogue shots.

What kind of music do you like working on?

I listen to a lot of different genres while working. The last thing I listened to was a mix by Mogollon on Mixcloud.

— Mogollon No. 25 by Francisco Lopez

Which Instagram account should people definitely follow?

I like Gangculture a lot.

What’s your most lovely spot in Rotterdam?

My most lovely spot in Rotterdam is definitely my home, haha. And my studio is second best.

Sketches for the new Love Bangeles artwork.

What is your all-time favorite love song?

Time After Time, but I basically like most of Chet Baker’s songs.

Chet Baker’s ‘Time After Time’ (Belgium, 1964)

You’ve created this year’s artwork for Love Bangeles, tell us a fun little something about it.

I’ve created the artwork with a lot of love for the lovers who listen to Los Bangeles.

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