Marwan Magroun

Marwan moves somewhere between photography and film making, taking you on a trip through his visual journeys. He aims at telling the stories that usually stay untold, and are often filled with stigmas and prejudices put up by society.


Kubus is the artist name of Bart van de Werken, known from production for Opgezwolle, Jawat and many more Dutch rappers.


Pierrot is a freelance graphic designer, DJ, and collector with Flemish roots, born in a cold February 1986 somewhere close to the Dutch border.

Panda Lassow

To get to know the musical all-rounder Panda Lassow well, we actually have to make a short trip down memory lane to Dresden, Germany.

Mario Schellingerhout

Art director and designer Mario Schellingerhout worked for brands like Nike, Adidas, and Givenchy.

Dagger DX

Our very own Dagger DX balances his being between producing, DJing and organizing events on one side and teaching young kids about sustainability on the other side.