The ‘This Thing of Ours’ capsule collection consists of a custom made card deck and a limited shirt, based on Martin Scorsese’s cult classic Goodfellas. The mysterious illustrator behind the pack is a calm and humble guy, and he goes by the name of STIKSTOK.

Ferdy Remijn

Please be warned; you can completely lose yourself when you take a look into the mind of Ferdy Remijn. The amount of detail he puts in his art is breathtaking, all done with the finest fine-liners and brushes. We had a talk with this master of pin-pointed precision over the Next Gallery; his workspace ánd art gallery in Rotterdam Noord.

Brave People

Brave People is a creative agency in Tampa, Florida that provides branding, interactive and production services to its clients. We had a nice talk to Gabe Lopez about the creative proces and more.

Iwan Smit

For those who aren’t familiar with Iwan Smit yet, shame on you. This multi disciplinary illustrator has been ruling the graphic design game for quite a while now. He’s known for his bold graphics, vivid colors and always keeping a close relation to mythological creatures. We’ve teamed up with this guy some time ago; he helped us with the creative campaign over at 5 Days Off last year, and he recently created some awesome art for our latest exhibition. We sat down with Iwan in his studio in downtown Rotterdam, to talk about Piet Parra, his collaboration with The Hundreds and drawing carnivals.


It’s needless to say that we’ve been heavily looking forward to that Friday night on which Kutmah would perform in Rotterdam. Kutmah had already earned himself a steady position in our top three all time favorite DJs, and his performance turned out to be one of the best nights of 2013 in jazz venue Bird. The next day we grabbed some early coffees and sandwiches and talked about his music, art and life.

Bier en Brood

In the beginning of 2013, Bier en Brood made this huge mural at the Hofbogen in downtown Rotterdam. The insanely high detailed characters and the grimmy and almost apocalyptic vibe of their piece just blew us away.