Gino Bud Hoiting

Equipped with just his pen and paper, Gino is making the easy look good. His work is known for its analogue approach, no-nonsense clarity and bold lines.


Welcome to the kingdom of Stephan Bontje, better known as RUL3RS. A well-known handcrafter, roaming the streets of Rotterdam. His first solo exhibition is coming up at Hoboken Rotterdam, during the Motel Mozaïque Festival.

Saïd Kinos

His steady tags and glitchy pieces can be found anywhere in Rotterdam, looking like an insanely detailed urban scrapbook. From bombing the streets to doing commissioned artworks, Saïd is all in.


Script, serif, sans, shadow lettering; Bijdevleet masters them all. His weapons of choice include brush pens, brushes, ecoline ink, pencils and fineliners. We first came across Tim’s work at the Opperclaes Yard during 24Uur Cultuur, where he teamed up with Resuk on a crispy clean design for a lightbox.

Joris Debeij

Joris Debeij is a Dutch director who lives and works in LA. On his blog I am Los Angeles he tells the story of inspiring Angelenos. We talked to him about his work, future plans and Los Angeles itself.

Greg Lindy

We discovered Greg’s work online and were immediately impressed by it. His portfolio includes assignments for The Getty, Sundance Institute, and The Autry Museum, among others. After contacting him, we received a booklet of his called ‘Hecho in Los Angeles’ together with an awesome shirt. This led to us having a great conversation about Greg’s path as a designer and typographer, the industry’s changing landscape and what the future holds.