Up High Collective Shares Phonemica EP


Our Belgium friends from Up High Collective have something exciting coming up they want to share with you. Tangram Records is building up it’s compelling releases very strong and keeps balancing firmly between instrumental hip-hop and forward thinking electronica. Their earlier released Kinetics EP already blew us away, while we where still drifting in space from LTGL’s Mountain Peaks And Temple Shields EP in 2014.

Today, the independent bass-oriented movement Up High Collective is taking it’s next steps. This Phonemica EP can be seen as a follow-up to last year’s Kineticuts EP. As you can experience in this playlist, Phonemica EP contains dense beats combined with raw synths and is served on ultra noir soundscapes.

Follow these Tangram Records founders into their thoughtfully constructed musical universe. Phonemica EP is out today via Bandcamp or iTunes.

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