Appelsap Massive!


The timetable is up and the sun is looking good, just a few nights of sleep and Appelsap is back in town! Just like earlier editions, Appelsap releases a steady fashion collection – consisting of a series of shirts, sunglasses, pins and patches.

The heavy-duty shirts, a team-up with Quality Blanks and Amsterdam’s finest Freshcotton, are available exclusively via Freshcotton’s webshop.



For some trippy 90s nostalgia, Amsterdam-based collective ‘Order‘ designed the ‘Order Me Some Appelsap’ shirt – featuring a original Bart Simpson next to some other heavy old school influences.

The New Originals developed a highly exclusive sweater and shirt with illustrations by Wessel Rossen – only available at the festival.


As a little extra, Appelsap hooked up with Nippon to work on shiny pins and illustrator Tiquestar (also head of this year’s festival typography) developed original patches.


Style up and accessorize yourself via / Freshcotton or check out the shop over at the festival this Saturday!

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