Appelsap 2016 recap


August, Amsterdam, Appelsap!

Appelsap Fresh Music Festival, without a doubt one of the most forward-moving festivals around, returned to the Flevopark for their 15th edition.

Usually, Appelsap is filled up with loads of sunshine and clear blue skies. Unfortunately this 2016 edition started off pretty cloudy and slightly grey. But despite the bad weather, Appelsap completely sold out. 15.000 people couldn’t care less about the clouds and came out to the Flevopark, ready to see and listen to the finest hiphop, rap, grime, trap, garage, house and beats this globe has to offer!


First up was the Noisey stage to check out the homie Jameszoo. A versatile and bass-heavy set, starting out banging out with some Shabba Ranks, Migos and Busta Rhymes. He switched from Hudson Mohawke to Drake to Sevn Alias, before he threw in somes steady hiphop with and Dilla’s totally relevant ‘Fuck The Police’. The crowd went all in, great vibe!

After a short food-based detour we ended up at the Deviation stage, hosted by UK’s tastemaker Benji B. We could enjoy the last few shards of sunshine when Kenny Dope hit us hard with some house classics by Frankie Knuckles and Hard Drive.

The party really went off when Benji B entered the stage. He pulled off a sublime set; melodic, well-balanced and full of unreleased gems and never-to-be-found treasures. Kendrick’s politically charged ‘We Gon Be Alright’ completely lit up the crowd before he slowed down with some easy loving soul, Deviation has it all.


Check out all the photos shot by Rose Keser over at our Facebook Page.

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