Opening Now Age at Garage Rotterdam


We’re proud to announce that we’re playing some spiritual tunes over at the opening of Now Age at Garage Rotterdam on Friday the 22nd of May.

The international group exhibition Now Age mixes up nature, mystique and spirituality with the ordinarily here and now.

In a subtle and often humorous way, Now Age puts an contemporary filter over age-old fascinations. Imagine dressed up totem poles, multi-coloured death masks and pressed kitty litter. The participating artists will guide you through their interpretations of both natural and spiritual worlds. Take a trip through mysterious primitive symbols and self-invented ritual ceremonies.

With selected works by:
Hadassah Emmerich (NL)
Ada van Hoorebeke (BE)
Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski (GB)
Thomas van Linge (NL)
Sulaiman Majali (GB)
Nick van Woert (VS)

Curated by Yasmijn Jarram.

Drinks by Warsteiner.
Music by Los Bangeles Soundsystem.

For more information on Now Age, visit the website of Garage Rotterdam or RSVP via their Facebook event.

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