Love Bangeles #03


Basically the biggest reason why a lot of people are born in November; their parents celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Love Bangeles is back again on the 14th of February at Rotown Rotterdam, ready to shoot some love, sleaze and happiness into the world. Prepare your ears for some long forgotten R&B lovesongs, urban chansons and ambient romance.

So celebrate our Valentine’s Day edition with your loved-ones.

Line up
Los Bangeles Soundsystem (Mieras, Mo’ Luxe, Dagger D.X.)

Artwork by Bruce TMC (Opperclaes)

L33 a.k.a. the Funk Boy Wonder from ‘t Ooast’n.
He has put The Netherlands on the worldwide ‘Future Funk’-map. With support from a.o. Dam Funk, Seven Davis Jr., a release on Omega Surpreme and being part of Soulection you don’t even need further introduction. L33 blends sultry chords, thick baselines and drum-machines: the feeling of nostalgia and the future…
Come with your boyfriend / girlfriend / crush / secondlove / tinder date / streethustle and get in as a couple for the price of one.
For more info, head over to our Facebook-page or check out the event-page.

To get things heated up, our Mo’ Luxe and Dagger D.X. compiled this ‘Love Bangeles #03’ mixtape; filled up with the best tunes coming straight from the heart.

LVBMX#03 • Love Bangeles pt. 3 by Los Bangeles on Mixcloud

So forget those corny candlelight dinners, stuffed bunnies, extra-large Hallmarks cards and red roses; all you need is Love Bangeles!

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