Julien Vidal


Julien grew up in the East outskirts of Paris, France.

After a brief experience in the UK, he moved to the Netherlands. It has been nine years now. Right away he was awed with the openness and open-mindedness of Dutch people. It is definitely one of the reasons why Julien decided to stick around. Into different styles of music, what he listens to will change depending on his mood on a given day.

The only constant is his headphones: Julien never step outside without them. Much like music, he likes to work on different types of projects: he particularly enjoy filming and writing (his motivation to join Los Bangeles). Rotterdam (and Holland in general) is a pretty amazing place in that regard, with lots of creative people and initiatives.
Julien is not one to travel but somehow he ended up visiting ten countries on three continents…

Fun fact: in nine years, Julien only used his bike only a dozen time.


Say hello via julien@losbangeles.com