Bier en Brood

Bier en Brood is an art collective, originated in 2007 by Koen Harmsma and Michiel Stapel.

The essence of the collective is based on the idea that joining forces within different disciplines not only makes work more enjoyable, but it also extends the reach of their art.
The collaboration between Harmsma (illustrator) en Stapel (town-planning) resulted in a mixed up club with VJs, graffiti artists, (stage)builders, advertisers and photographers.

In 2012, Harmsma and Jelmer Noordeman (also an illustrator) restarted Bier en Brood. A synergetic team who seem to fit together seamlessly, and happen to have the same hunger and drive to go all out and reach for the sky.
Bier en Brood are known for their professional designs, highly detailed work, a good sense of humor and a subtle border between commerciality- and artistic mindsets.”

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