Bobby Jones

We always ask the people we interview who we should interview next. Gabe Lopez (BRVPPL) asked us to interview Bobby Jones, owner of Purple Rock Scissors. An amazing digital design agency in Orlando, Florida. Learn their business secrets below.
You are the Founder & CEO of Purple, Rock, Scissors, can you tell us a little bit about the company and its history?

PRPL had its humble beginnings back around 2002—the typical couple guys in a garage doing design work for some of our favorite bands. I figured if I couldn’t be a rock star, I’d design merch for them instead. Early on, I made the decision to stick completely to the digital route, and that was one of the most defining decisions made for the company. Today, we still maintain that punk rock attitude and passion, believing that the culture we maintain shines through in the work we put out. Seems to be working.

In your company’s DNA you say it’s all about the experience. What is a typical PRPL way to go from concept to the final experience?

Simple: strategy first. Execution will follow suit.

Your products and services provide measurable results. But in the end it’s about the experience. How do you keep the business goals from ruining the user experience?

Smart brands are really starting to understand that strategy, user flow, and every minute interaction are what define the experience, and it’s those users that become customers, and often advocates. Delight them with authenticity and simplicity, and you’ll be delighted by the long-term results.

Impression of the Purple Rock Scissors studio

We love your company’s values: Authenticity, Simplicity, Drive, Adventure, Mindfulness & Appreciation. With a growing business (more employees) how do you guard these values?

We don’t guard them; we hire them. Our values weren’t arbitrarily selected, but rather extracted from what we see and admire most in our people.

In the industry, you see lots of new startups that aim to get acquired by a big company within a few years and then startup something else. With your 12+ years of owning PRPL, it looks like you’re in it for the long run. Does it ever get boring?

This industry begs to be innovated upon. We do just that by not resting on our laurels or banking on efficiency.

What would be your best advice to the people trying to start up a creative business in the current landscape?

Never sacrifice quality. Choose innovation over efficiency and always trust your gut. 

Smart brands are really starting to understand that strategy, user flow and interaction are what define the experience
Who/what inspires you on a creative level?

Elon Musk and Iron Man. Or maybe they’re one in the same?

Your company’s website quotes Rick Ross on the homepage. ‘Everyday We’re Hustlin’. Are you the one into Hip-Hop?

I do love me some WeezyF.

For a lot of creatives, music is part of their design/development process. It helps them be more creative and more effective. Do you play music on the work floor or is everyone in their zone wearing headphones?

We’ve got a combo of both, depending on the time of day. Usually, our people are dialed in wearing headphones, but on Fridays, we have a democratic jukebox going on through Spotify that takes over the office. I’m always impressed at the diversity of music tastes and talents our company has.

Do you tend to follow the hypes or are you constantly trying to create the next one?

It’s fun to keep up with them, but it’s our job to create them.

Your clients are all over the world, what place other then home and office, do you visit the most?

I’m actually in San Fran at this very moment, where I’ve been frequenting more and more the past couple of years. Love the energy here, and the weather isn’t half bad, either.

What are your favorite places to unwind in Orlando, Florida?

Nothing beats coming home to my three boys and blowing off steam, Dad style.