GROOS Rotterdam is a concept store for fashion, design, art, music, literature, film, delicacies and lifestyle products. GROOS is a platform for quality products that come from Rotterdam.
Well, tell us something more about the new store in town. Who are the people behind Groos?

That would be Joost Prins and myself, Tjeerd Hendriks. Joost and I are neighbours, and on a nice summer-evening I was talking about my idea to start a store for all the good stuff Rotterdam has to offer. It instantly fueled Joost’s enthusiasm and so we put the plans together. Writing a business-plan, doing market research, checking out possible shop-locations and try to strike at the right moment.
That right moment actually hit us when we had put the big idea on hold. We got offered a location in Het Schieblock, next to BAR. We teamed up with ZUS and Codum and we all said: “Let’s do this!”

What’s the deeper meaning of GROOS?

GROOS is an old word from Rotterdam, it means as much as proud, monkeyproud (hehe). The name and it’s meaning perfectly describes what the store wants: paying attention to all the goods from Rotterdam and making people groos again of their lovely city!

Where did you find your inspiration for GROOS?

We took the most inspiration out of Rotterdam itself, it’s about the people and the things they make. That always has to be the main point of the store. For us it’s not about the store itself, but mainly about the products that it has to offer. In that way, the store is just a tool to do this. We don’t just buy the products, everything at GROOS is based on consignation. The producers of the items are still the owners, we’re just there to sell it. That’s the way I work in the store: I can sell your products and tell your story.

Opening Groos Rotterdam
film & edited by: Marcel IJzerman

Can you name a few brands you would really like to have around in your store?

At the moment we can’t take any new products in, we’re just being overrun with new applications. In the course of this month and from next month on, we’re seeing through the applications again. There are so many up and coming talents that we don’t have in GROOS right now, but who I would love to work with. Giving the talented people a stage.

Can you tell us something about the products you’re most proud of?

Well, it’s pretty hard to choose because every item comes with a good story.

If I had to pick one, it would be the work by Galerie Herenplaats. It’s great to have art with such high quality at GROOS. They tend to call it outsider art, but sometimes it just takes your breath away.

'We took the most inspiration out of Rotterdam itself, it's about the people and the things they make. That always has to be the main point of the store.'
— Tjeerd Hendriks
What kind of music do you like play in the store?

Rotterdam music! A lot of music which we also sell in the store, labels like Redrum,Clone, Moustache, but also AFKA, the Kik or Arie van de Krogt.

What’s the best song you’ve ever listened to?

The Beautiful South – Rotterdam.

The Beautiful South – Rotterdam.

Lately, there’s a lot of good stuff going on in downtown Rotterdam. What would you like to see happen next?

I would like to see some extra initiative from the people, and less by the municipality. ‘De Luchtsingel‘ will connect Rotterdam North to the Centre, and this is a good example of a great initiative. When that project is finished it will have a huge impact on everything in its surroundings.

What are the plans for the future?

The plans and dreams for the future are never ending and very ambitious. We want to create nice collaborations and help people by giving their products a pretty stage. Maybe we’ll have a few pop-up stores coming up, but first we want to build a solid digital department store, so the products can get some international attention, and the rest of the world can find genuine products from Rotterdam.

Some last words for our viewers?

Support your local… scene!