Wayta Patmo

Wayta Patmo is out on a mission to change the world. With a strong belief in cultural diversity, she is trying to inject the fashion industry with that belief – and lets her photographs do the talking.

Maxime Fauconnier

Having assisted several artists including Serge Leblon, Jacqueline di Milia or Martine Fougeron, Maxime is currently working as a freelance image maker based in Brussels, Belgium. Often travelling, deeply influenced by cinema, he creates natural, vibrant and contemplative series. His work focuses on youth and its codes, portraying excess as well as solitude, urban exploration and daily life details.

Stacii Samidin

Freshly graduated with an impressive series called Societies – which is about gangs or to be more specific, radical groups – Stacii Samidin set the bar high for himself and has been baptised as the Dutch gang photographer.

Christian Long

When we first came across Christian’s work via his Tumblr, we couldn’t help being impressed instantly. His photos contain a solid mixture of Los Angeles’ harsh grit, fine women and some of our favorite musicians. We hooked up with Christian for a small talk about his path to becoming a photographer, sour candy and of course, the city of Angels.

Noé Montes

Via Stephen Serrato we stumbled upon the beautiful work of Noé Montes. Noé works and lives in Los Angeles within his work you can see the diversity of this gigantic city.

Mr. Mass

As you might already know, we love the LA vibe. One person that shares this passion is Mr. Mass. Shooting worldwide, capturing some of our favorite artists. When we got the chance to interview him, we took it.