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Darker Than Wax Labelnight

On Saturday 2nd of August, during the fourth edition of Welcome to Los Bangeles, we’ll be hosting the official Darker Than Wax Labelnight at Rotown Rotterdam.

Best tracks of 2013

First of all, we waited up to the very, very last day of the year to publish this list. Just to make sure we didn’t miss out on that insane banger or intense ballad that could be released on the 31st of December.


YAAM. Nicely situated near the -recently fully painted- Eastern Gallery of the Berlin Wall. The laidback atmosphere and the sun were perfectly setting the tone for “HomieLoverFriend”.


You all probably know DāM-FunK. And if not, well, he’s definitely one of few that have opened doors for the recent Funk-rush. You may call it a funk-revival, but it has never been away, actually. Since 1988, Damon G. Riddick …