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After checking out Crem'e's debut album 'Close Up' we were immediately captured by the cleanness and sensitive vibe surrounding the tracks. An incredibly personal peek into his mind, basically telling the story of losing a person very …


Welcome to the kingdom of Stephan Bontje, better known as RUL3RS. A well-known handcrafter, roaming the streets of Rotterdam. His first solo exhibition is coming up at Hoboken Rotterdam, during the Motel Mozaïque Festival. …


DJ/Producer Boeboe hit the scene in 2012 with debut EP ‘Act Stupid/Drop’. Combined with a few downloadable tracks on Soundcloud he gathered dj support from the likes of Boemklatsch, FS Green, Full Crate, Guerilla Speakerz, Daedelus and …


REC. Festival recap

REC. Festival, a first timer for Rotterdam. The MTV Electronic Music Awards were back in town, so why not celebrate with a two-day festival? …

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