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Dorian Concept

Rotterdam Beats was in town a few weeks ago and one of their headliners was Austrian composer, producer and keyboard mastermind Dorian Concept. He's easily one of our favorite musicians around, so when he passed through town we grabbed the opportunity to get to know him a bit better. Read along and get familiar with …

Ferdy Remijn

Please be warned; you can completely lose yourself when you take a look into the mind of Ferdy Remijn. The amount of detail he puts in his art is breathtaking, all done with the finest fine-liners and brushes. We had a talk with this master of pin-pointed precision over the Next Gallery; his workspace ánd …

Bobby Jones

We always ask the people we interview who we should interview next. Gabe Lopez (BRVPPL) asked us to interview Bobby Jones, owner of Purple Rock Scissors. An amazing digital design agency in Orlando, Florida. Learn their business …


Machinedrum in BIRD Rotterdam

As of today, we’re only one week away from All Eyes On: Machinedrum, supported by yours truly Los Bangeles. On Friday the 5th of December we’re really excited to invite another electronic legend to do a live-set in BIRD, Rotterdam. …

Rwina Records taking over Boiler Room

Last weekend, Rotterdam Beats hit our hometown again. The infamous beat- and bass-oriented festival teamed up with Boiler Room and Rwina Records to do a special little something something at a secret location somewhere in …

Rotterdam Beats is back in town!

Rotterdam Beats is back in town! On Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of November, Rotterdam will be filled up with the best international acts in beats, bass and hiphop. We made a selection of our favorites and giving some freebies as …

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