Stacii Samidin

Photographer from Rotterdam

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Bobby Jones

We always ask the people we interview who we should interview next. Gabe Lopez (BRVPPL) asked us to interview Bobby Jones, owner of Purple Rock Scissors. An amazing digital design agency in Orlando, Florida. Learn their business …


We completely fell in love with Astronautica after she hooked up with Christian Long on a photoshoot and mixtape for Los Bangeles. She’s a member of the HW&W collective and recently released her ‘Replay Last Night’ EP on Alpha Pup Records. A beat-driven beauty, give it up for …

Stacii Samidin

Freshly graduated with an impressive series called Societies - which is about gangs or to be more specific, radical groups - Stacii Samidin set the bar high for himself and has been baptised as the Dutch gang photographer. …


BadBadNotGood Interview Pt. 2

After shaking up Rotterdam, the very talented gentlemen from BadBadNotGood made their way to Amsterdam, so we followed! The show at the MC Theater was everything we have come to expect from the guys – vibrant, energetic and full of little …

New member on the team; Konstantin!

We're growing! After our latest addition to the team in the form of Tarona, we're proud to announce that the man Konstantin Kirilov is also joining the family! We had our first encounter through House of Hegira; his immense Tumblr bursting with awesome photos - anything from global conflicts and Middle …

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