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Subp Yao

A while ago we hung out with Subp Yao after a show with dOOp. The Dutch electronic music producer and DJ is a true visionary, as he talks passionately about his work, the power of internet and the local …

NOISE Magazine

Los Bangeles was present for the launch of NOISE Magazine, the new hot skate mag, made in Rotterdam. NOISE comes in print and that's what makes it special. From the name to the way it's made, we tell you everything about this new gem in the specialized …


‘Interacting art’ is what best describes newcomer t-shirt designers Julius and Angela Leijger from THIS IS LIGER. Inspired by a bold boy’s dream and born on an Italian holiday, this brand decided to create interactive designs by cooperating with illustrators, painters, character designers and all-round artists. …


New member on the team; Tarona Leonora!

We've just added a fresh new member to the Los Bangeles family; Tarona Leonora! She calls herself 'a person, photographer and self proclaimed citizen of the world - based in Rotterdam.' Usually heavy equipped with her camera and big smile, while she's busy graduating from art …

HIT+RUN – Road Kill vol. 4

LA screenprinting crew 'HIT+RUN' are back with the 4th edition of their "ROAD KILL" series. We had already heard parts of it via Kutmah’s show on NTS Radio, so when Brandy secured a digital copy for this review, we were pretty …

Mono/Poly – Golden Skies

Golden Skies, we really looked forward to this one. Last year we visited Brussels and met up with Charles Dickerson, asking him in detail about his inspiration and his motives in becoming a producer. That’s how we got to know him, and through his previous releases he took us into a world of chaotic galaxies, …

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