Saïd Kinos

A visual artist/designer and graffiti writer from Rotterdam

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Welcome to the kingdom of Stephan Bontje, better known as RUL3RS. A well-known handcrafter, roaming the streets of Rotterdam. His first solo exhibition is coming up at Hoboken Rotterdam, during the Motel Mozaïque Festival. …


DJ/Producer Boeboe hit the scene in 2012 with debut EP ‘Act Stupid/Drop’. Combined with a few downloadable tracks on Soundcloud he gathered dj support from the likes of Boemklatsch, FS Green, Full Crate, Guerilla Speakerz, Daedelus and …


We'll just call it dark junglebreaks, with a whiff of hiphop and UK hardcore; Etch doesn't do musical boundaries. Take a good scroll down and read all about Etch' future plans, his love for London and... septic …


REC. Festival recap

REC. Festival, a first timer for Rotterdam. The MTV Electronic Music Awards were back in town, so why not celebrate with a two-day festival? …

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